3 Reasons To Love Retro Gaming

Welcome to the “retro” world…the age when Madonna rocked the airwaves, washed-out jeans and baggy sweat shirts ruled the fashion world, and above all, addictive gaming became the norm. The latter has managed to stay on, otherwise called old-school gaming or classic gaming. Those who partake of this pleasure are called retro-gamers, and you will find them collecting video, computer and arcade games to get a taste of the glorious past.

To make the whole experience realistic, you need to have the right tools. The world has been fair to retro gamers by offering us the consoles and games we are used to. You can also get retro game controllers for this task. Check out this full report on what to expect, and how to take retro gaming to a whole new level.

Although most people regard these games as simple and brainless compared to the high-tech technology in use today, these games were the rage. Try them, and you will see why retro gamers get glued to the screen playing game after game. Let us look at some of the top reasons why we are so in love with retro gaming.

The Games Were Simple and Enjoyable

Video games have become complicated and more impressive. Hundreds of characters and levels make these games hard to play, and the level of satisfaction is low. Back in the days, the games were easy to play and effortless. With all the efforts and elaborate schemes included in these new games, much is to be said about the way we played games in the past.

It’s hard to play current games especially if you suffer from memory impairment issues. Put a PS4 controller in your dad’s hands, and he will spend half the time trying to muster the buttons and trying to remember their roles.  Even if you are a seasoned veteran, the complexities of playing the latest games can be a turn-off. Look at Super Mario World, one of the best retro games on the market.  You can give your kid that has never played Super Mario, and within seconds they will know how to play. Remember, the more straightforward a game is, the higher the inclusivity and the more immediate the enjoyment.

Games Work Out of the Package

One of the benefits of retro games is that they worked out of the box. This should be a fundamental aspect of any game on the market, but you can’t imagine the number of new games that need several tweaks and upgrades before you can get them to play. Some require huge patches on the first day to fix numerous bugs before you can enjoy the game. Additionally, if you lack a decent internet connection in your home, you stand to get disappointed. Back then, we never had the internet in our homes, yet we managed to fulfill the rage we had for these games. We never had to download drivers, patches, and updates. It was what we could term “plug and play” of our yesteryears.

Games Were More Challenging

Today, you can go online and keep up to date with the latest gaming trends. One of the sections in any video game today is the “tutorial” section, which tells you how to play the game step by step. Backtrack decades ago, and you find retro gamers busy playing a game that doesn’t have an extended tutorial or tips.  You can’t pause and find out how to tackle a particular section. All you can do is learn the attack patterns of your enemy and then act accordingly.

Modern games don’t give you this luxury of struggling to figure out what happens next. They spell out all the steps for you, often to a particular level. For instance, after you pop your gaming disk into the PS4 and wait a few hours for the patches to install, you spend the next few hours getting taken through the steps like a kid attending the first day at school. We all love a bit of help now and then, but there is a certain thrill associated with getting thrown in the deep end and trying to find your way out.

Final Words

The main reason why we love playing retro games is that of the thrill we get when we play them. Although video games have improved over the years, it doesn’t change the fact that I remember the day I played retro games during my school holidays with my friends, who are still loyal retro gamers till now.