Alternative fashion for summer

Summer comes around every year, but it takes decades for summer fashion to change significantly. You probably know the exact outfits and styles that each of your friends will be sporting this summer. And they can probably guess exactly what you’re going to be wearing, too. So why not shake things up a little and try something totally different this year? You’ll certainly make an impact and you might even start your own fashion trend as well – who’s to know?

Sometimes the most effective summer look is the most natural one. In countries where it’s hot all year round, people go for a smart casual but practical look which can be suitable for a wide range of occasions. You might want to tie your hair up, but if you’re trying to make something of an impression, why not grow your hair long and make it ultra-straight with one of these straighteners features at A low-cut plain white t-shirt with extra short sleeves goes naturally with a denim miniskirt and sandals. As this look is all about simplicity, you really need to let your personality shine through with your accessories. What you choose is up to you, but a simple bracelet and a nice, but not flashy, watch will give you a touch of elegance. For a more youthful look, exchange the plain t-shirt for one with a design (perhaps a punk band’s logo if you want to be a bit rebellious), and cheap, plastic and colorful bracelets along with a flower in your hair and color painted fingernails. To complete the look, you could go for frizzy hair and a fingerless lace glove.

Another great look for summer, which perhaps has more of a mature and wealthier look, is one which is popular with young women in East Asia. Working from bottom to top, this time, start with your regular sandals – nothing too flashy, just some practical summer footwear. Now go for a similar colored pair of shorts. Frumpier ladies might go for longer and wider shorts, with a very practical look, pockets and all, whereas smaller ladies can still go for short shorts, which will attract a bit more attention. A plain black vest, perhaps with a designer logo is then covered by an unbuttoned, open shirt or large blouse, which is slightly too big for you. This should be a lighter color, perhaps even cream or light beige. There’s no need for any eye-catching accessories with this outfit, except for perhaps a pair of aviators perched lazily on the neck of your vest. The real piece de resistance of this outfit is the broad-rimmed straw hat, which will serve to keep the sun off your neck and give life to your outfit.

For men, rather than playing it safe with baggy t-shirts, basketball tops, long shorts and white sneakers this summer, why not try out a look which has been popular in the Middle East for beach lovers? Kick off those hefty sneakers and slip on some flip flops, which are much more practical for walking on the beach. Instead of dull, knee length shorts, try out a pair of bright or luminous orange boy shorts, the legs of which go about a fourth of the way down your upper leg. For your upper body, stick with a loose, black or navy vest to give a nice contrast to the bright shorts. Make the most of the vest to show off your muscles. If you don’t have any, get yourself down to the muscle beach straight away and start doing some pull ups to show everyone you’re not a total wuss!

Don’t let anyone who laughs, jeers or makes fun of you deter you in any way. If people like this had any real influence, then fashion would never change even in the slightest from year to year. We might all still be wearing Victorian dresses and coattails on the beach! Seriously, rock your new look with pride and hold your head up high. People who appreciate fashion will look on you as a true pioneer and it won’t be long until you have your own crew of disciples copying you and asking you for advice.