A Guide to Buying a Baby stroller

It is natural for every parent to go out there and get every little thing that the baby might need and baby strollers are definitely one of them. There are so many strollers available in the market and that is why it can be overwhelming to decide on which stroller to go for. Below are some of the tips that will be of great help to you as you shop for your baby’s stroller;

1) Purpose- What is it for?

$T2eC16VHJIIFHJc-OVFVBSQFvFRdgQ--_32This is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a stroller. What will you be using the stroller for? Different types of stroller fit different lifestyles. Below is a brief guideline;

If you have an active lifestyle walks on a regular basis with your baby, then you should consider going for a stroller that will be suitable to all terrain. This means it should be a bit sturdier and at the same time solid in its build & handling. You should also go for one that is adjustable and has locking wheels that can make it much easier to push even when running over different types of terrain.

On the other hand, you may be looking for something that you will be using in places like shopping centers. Because of this, you may need to consider going for something that can fit well in the back of your car seat. You should therefore invest in something that is lightweight and easy to carry & fold (e.g. an ‘umbrella’ stroller) although they are generally not very sturdy.

If you are looking for a stroller that can allow you to transfer your baby direct from the car into the stroller, you may consider going for a travel system. This is because it has a compatible infant car seat that can easily clip into the stroller.

2) Can you add more seats?

61-9qfE8GxL._SL1000_This is another thing that you need to consider especially if this is your first stroller and you are planning to have more children. It is advisable to go for the models with ability install more seat(s) or skaters at a later date. There are several models in the market and investing in one with this ability will not only save you money but also space.

3) Weight

18057_small-500x500-500x500The size and weight of a stroller is generally related to its purpose. For instance the all terrain baby strollers definitely weigh more and are bigger than umbrella strollers. When purchasing one however it is important to buy a stroller that you will not have to struggle with when pushing or incase you have to carry it. If you are buying a bigger one, you may even consider buying an umbrella stroller together with it so that is much easier to carry and to transport it for trips.

4) Safety

20543This is definitely a very important factor to consider. All the features that the stroller comes with should be in line with the safety standards and it is important that you are aware of them. Some of the safety features include; a suitable restrain that can keep your child secure enough and ensure that he/she does not fall. It should also have a tether strap to enable your wrist to prevent it from rolling away. A parking brake should also be there and its release mechanism should be located in a manner that it cannot be easily accessed by the child when he/she is restrained properly in the pram or stroller.

5) Budget

baby-pramThis is a very important thing to consider. It is very advisable to have a budget before you even go out and start looking for a stroller. When you are in the shop, you can easily become overwhelmed with the many choices but make sure that you stick to your budget. It is wise to do enough research and from that, you can get to know which strollers are within your budget.

6) Other special features

see-babyAdjustable handle – You should consider this especially if you and your partner will be using it regularly. An adjustable handle will make it easy for the two of you to push even if you are of different heights.

Steering – you should ensure that you can comfortably steer it and maneuver around with it even in tight spaces.

The collapsible factor:

A stroller with a collapsible factor will make it easy for you to collapse it very fast for instance if your baby is screaming and you are standing in a busy car park.

For more information on single, double and even tandem strollers check out: http://www.babyshop.tips/strollers/double-strollers/