The Best Pets for A Family With a Toddler

When you have a toddler in your household, you need to be careful when deciding the type of pet, you want present. After all, you will spend every waking moment worrying about them, so you do not need another reason to. The great news is if you are someone in this predicament, there are fantastic pets that accommodate this situation.


When thinking of warm, loving creatures to have in your home may be the last type you would consider are reptiles. While snakes are not for everyone, how about turtles? All you need to properly take care of them is a water tank; along with a sun lamp on the land areas. Turtles, compared to domestic dogs and cats, are much tamer and quieter. Just make sure that if you do so, you do not get your hands on a snapping turtle. Within no time, they can go from a great family pet with a toddler present to an extremely painful experience for the baby.

Guinea Pigs

While there are different types of rodents that you could have as family pets, the best may be guinea pigs. As opposed to hamsters (which are an extremely popular type), guinea pigs are less likely to bite members of your family. Smaller hamsters, in fact, are quite aggressive and could leash out on a toddler. Thus, if you wanted to go with a rodent, the smarter option would be a guinea pig. In addition to being less frequent to attack, they can be quite sociable. This lends its hand if your toddler (if old enough) wants to interact with them.


Out of every single pet on this list, fish may be the safest choice possible. Now, this is not saying that the other ones pose a great risk. It is just that fish because they are kept in a glass bowl (or an aquarium), pose close to no threat of any sort of disaster happening. On top of that, as the owner, you also do not have to spend excess amounts of time caring for them. About the only time-consuming process of having a fish is deciding which home aquarium you want them to live in. Because it is imperative to remember that different factors come into play when making this decision.


Do not get it twisted, cats are not a bad domestic pet to have present with a toddler. Whether you want this to be a small kitten or a larger breed, not too many will cause issues. About the only major factor that comes into play is the time-consuming process of tending to a cat. Unlike the other pets on this list, they require a little more attention (cleaning their litter box, brushing them, etc.). However, a lot of cats will interact with your child more. Basically, it is more work for you but more entertaining for your toddler.


In a lot of ways, rabbits work the same way as cats. As the owner, you must spend a good amount of time caring for them. The difference is rabbits stay inside of a cage, while cats roam free around the home. If you are an extremely over-protective parent, then there is one key advantage that rabbits hold over cats. Generally speaking, they are very gentle in nature. As many know, cats can become playful and aggressive. Without even intending to, they can cause harm onto your toddler. With rabbits, if they are spayed, this is much less of a concern.


While not the best option, birds are an adequate pet to have with a toddler present. The reason they are not the best option is because they can create excess noise that can be unsettling to your child’s ears. However, the benefit in having them is they are very social creatures. Depending on the breed, some may need more attention than others. Honestly, the main reason to get a family bird would be if you have a great passion for them. They are not a bad choice for a toddler, but other pets will be easier for them to interact with.


Most of you will probably be disgusted with the thought of having a rat in your home. When you think about it logically, though, they actually make a very competent pet. As opposed to other small mammals, they can be calmer and handled with ease. Thus, your toddler will have an easier time developing a relationship with the small creature. Even going as far as (if they are old enough) teaching them new tricks.

Be careful in your decision and make sure to get the pet that best fits your (and your toddler’s) needs.