Handheld Vacuum Cleaners: Why Are They Such A Big Deal?

Vacuum machine buyers in the 21st century are spoilt for choice thanks to the many models available in the market. Some consumers find bigger vacuums handy as they are ideal in cleaning rooms having wall-to-wall carpets but there are times when smaller types are preferred. Talked about here are reasons why handheld vacuums are gaining popularity.

Small Sized

This is something that goes without saying just like the name suggests. Majority of this are half the size of typical vacuums and you might be surprised to learn there are some that are small enough to almost fit in your pocket. The small size comes with benefits such as the ease to carry around as well as make storage something easy as ducks take to water. You will agree that space nowadays comes with costly price tags making this a great option for persons residing in apartments or hostels.


The better part of handheld vacuums weigh a maximum of five pounds. Even though weight is something that will vary from one model to another, you can be sure that this is merchandise you can carry without breaking a sweat. This is all you need to take care of those vacuuming needs that tend to pop when you least expect them. Its lightness means you will never be at risk of sustaining injury when going up the stairs as you go about your cleaning.

This is sweet news to the ears of any elderly person that would rather not do any lifting. What is more, you can ask your bundle of joy to help out as this will pose no weight challenges whatsoever. Most children actually find this activity fun though it would be in your best interest to have a look at the debris before disposal lest you lose something precious.

User Friendly

In addition to the small and lightweight advantage, the ease of use that comes with this is second to none. If you were to think of how kids easily use smart devices nowadays, you will agree that wrapping their fingers around this will be something they can do with their eyes closed. Now that this isn’t as heavy, rarely will it get damaged when dropped not to mention it allows children to take care of their own spills thus you will have lesser items on your to-do list. This is the best form of a win-win situation, don’t you agree?


Carrying this around is rather easy thanks to its ideal grip. Despite grip quality differing from brand to brand, you can rest assured you will have an easy time carrying and holding this while at home. The cordless version makes things even juicier as entangling issues are kept at bay as you go about your work. Never forget to charge your handheld cordless vacuum failure to which you will not have the job completed. In the event that you prefer buying non-cordless, ensure the cord is long enough as this ensures you are never limited in terms of power outlets.

Offers Quicker Cleanups

There are times when messes in one small area need to be corrected and it is under such circumstances that you will love what this little guy has to offer. This is all you need to get rid of pet hair if you are expecting some guests or take care of any mess made by your child as he/she is being fed. Some of these are particularly meant to get rid of animal fur whereas others are a good fit to deal with dry and wet messes.


You would be forgiven for thinking that their output is somewhat second-rate but nothing could be further from the truth. Most of these have what it takes to deliver a powerful punch and if this is what you need, you won’t lack one able to satisfy your needs. The rule of thumb here is to always get one with a minimum rating of 4amps so as to be sure that issues such as spills, dust bunnies, and pet hair pose no challenge whatsoever.

Final Thoughts

Try out handheld vacuums today and the aforementioned will come as an added bonus. When it comes to the vacuum world, the possibilities are endless and should you wish to know more, visiting view publisher site today is something that will be worth your every while.