Preview what Prevue has to Offer for Your Parrot

Parrots are fun and engaging pets. Between their bright plumage, their expansive vocabularies, their surprising intelligence, and their sometimes funny and quirky behavior, they’re delightful and entertaining. They also have, as we’re only just beginning to understand, extremely advanced intellect for the animal kingdom. They deserve a home that is both spacious and comfortable for them, or else a variety of problems can arise… such as outspoken vocal tantrums, angry behavior, and self-plucking.

Prevue is a popular line of pet products, particularly for your pet birds. In fact, it’s so popular that it’s sometimes hard to get a feel for what the best Prevue parrot cage is for your particular parrot. There are a wide variety of cages available, and those who enjoy blogging about pet-related topics can sometimes cover too broad an expanse of territory for it to be particularly useful on the basis of making a short-term decision.

We’ve done our best to reduce the available options to four key essential items. With any luck, one of these Prevue bird cages will be just the right fit for your parrot. If you disagree, or have feedback on one of the cages on our list, please feel free to share your thoughts with us via our contact information. Bear in mind, of course, that we’re more likely to pay attention if your parrot also chimes in!

Empress Bird Cage

The Empress is a small bird cage, fit for a young, small, or still-growing parrot belonging to any one of several widely domesticated species. It is made from stainless steel, so it cleans easily, a process which is made even easier by its easily removable base. Just, warn your parrot first! The cage is attractive, decoratively designed, and it comes with decorative food and water cups crafted of porcelain, which we honestly hope your parrot appreciates. The carved perches in the Empress cages from Prevue are of a unique design specific to the Prevue brand; they are meant to be more comfortable for a wide variety of size-appropriate bird species.

Park Plaza Bird Cage

The Park Plaza is a medium-size model built for small to medium-size birds. It features wide doors for easy bird retrieval (that sounds odd) and cleaning, and an aesthetically designed debris tray to help control debris and make cleaning as easy as pie (which is definitely something you should teach your parrot to say, ‘easy as pie’). The cage is positioned on four rollers for easy re-positioning, and is perfect for birds in a range of sizes from parakeet to canary. Its wrought-iron composition is a favorite of many bird owners – and, purportedly, their birds, although none have told us so themselves as yet!

Empire Large Bird Cage

This particular parrot cage from Prevue is one of the largest bird cages available on today’s market. It features a roomy, square-top design, and is meant to provide even the largest of birds with ample play-space and room to explore. Regardless of how much playing they do, rounded seed-guards around the base of the cage help to keep your floors and other environs clean, even in the cage’s immediate vicinity. The interior floor grill is meant to facilitate easier cleaning, but it can be removed if desired – adding an additional ten inches of living space. The cage is quick and easy to assemble, and it features removable pull-out parts to make cleaning your bird’s cage as easy as possible. Its attractive and stylish aesthetic makes it an interesting addition to whichever room you prefer to house your parrot in.

Universal Travel Carrier

Prevue’s universal travel carrier is a great investment. Not only can it carry small animals, such as rabbits or guinea pigs, but it is optimally sized to fit virtually any pet bird… including some of the more popular larger species. It features a wide-opening door for easy pet access and quick and easy cleaning of the interior. In addition to the adjustable nylon shoulder strap, to make carrying the cage more convenient, it includes an interior perch for your birds – allowing them to feel more at home while they’re in transition. It isn’t an idea long-term environment, but it should at least ensure that your birds are comfortable for short-term transit.